Cx2000 Model

L&T Cx2000 AC Drives are compact and very cost effective suitable for conveyor, pumps, fans, and textiles machinery.

It ranges from 0.75kW (1 Hp) to 11kW (15Hp)

Salient Features & Functions:

  • V/F Control, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip Compensation
  • Starting Torque 150% at 3 Hz
  • Built-in Potentiometer
  • Conformal Coated PCB
  • Built-in RS485 Modbus
  • RPM Display
  • Draw Mode
  • Brake Control
  • Auto Tuning
  • Built-in PID
  • 2nd Motor Operation
  • Built-in Safety circuit
  • Built-in Braking Chopper up to 11kW

Sx2000 Model

L&T VFD The Sx2000 is built to deliver powerful performance. making it perfect for compressors, conveyors, machine tools, elevators, textiles, fans, pumps, plastic extruders, wire drawings, etc.

It handles loads up to 75 kW (HD) / 90 kW (ND) –


  • V/F, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip compensation
  • Starting Torque: 150% at 3 Hz for V/F, 200% at 0.5Hz for Vector Control
  • Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2
  • Built-in RS485 Modbus
  • Peer to Peer Communication to share I/O’s
  • Built-in Brake Control
  • Inbuilt PLC functionality
  • Component Life Monitor
  • Inbuilt PID
  • Multi Keypad
  • No Motor Detection
  • Built-in DC Reactor from 37kW to 90kW
  • Built-in Braking Chopper till 30kW

Fx2000 Model

L&T drive series Fx2000 generates powerful performance and meets your precise needs through several features: superior V/F control, V/F PG, slip compensation and Sensorless vector control as well as closed-loop vector control.

It has a user-friendly interface and environment-friendly features, including a wide graphic LCD keypad, user and macro-group support, electro-thermal functions for motor protection, and protection for input/output phase loss.

The Fx2000 is perfectly suited for the toughest, most complex applications – cranes, plastic winders, high-speed elevators, cement kilns, crushers and many more. It handles loads up to 375 kW - HD / 450 kW - ND

Ex2000 Model

Ex2000 is perfectly suited for fan and pump applications. It can handle loads up to 450 kW, and is engineered to keep your machine operating at optimum efficiency – even in the hot, humid and dusty conditions that characterize India's industrial environment. It has features that save energy and cost, and is easy to operate.

Three Phase 415V - 5.5 to 450kW

IP20 till 11Kw & IP00 till 450Kw


  • V/F, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip Compensation
  • Starting Torque: 200% at 0.5Hz for Sensorless Control
  • Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2
  • Built-in RS485 Modbus
  • Built-in Booster pump control
  • Dual PID
  • Pre-heat Function
  • Reverse Rotation Prevention
  • Component Life Monitoring
  • Built-in DC Reactor from 22kW to 280kW